Staff Application


Sep 22, 2019
Minecraft Username:


What languages do you speak or understand?
I do speak and understand English.

How long have you played Minecraft?
I'm playing minecraft for 3 years now, I've been playing other servers for years and recently joined Zatox and possibly helping players.

How long have you played on ZatoxPvp?
It's been 1 month I joined, discovered many things around the server and had fun with the community.

Why do you want to be server staff?
I wanna be a staff because I'm very active around the server/forums/discord and possibly helping players whenever I see, also I do meet the requirements so I decided to post an application, the votes are appreciated. :)

Do you have any experience with server moderation or administration?
I don't really have much experience with administration as I have never been an admin in a minecraft server before, If I get a change I'd do well. I'm a moderator in various discord servers and I have a good knowledge about discord moderation.


Do you have Discord?
Yes, I do,

Discord username?

Anything else you would like to tell us?
Thank you for reading my application, as I said I've been active around the server and forums and hoping for the positive votes, I hope I can get a chance since I meet all the requirements. This is one of the best community I ever joined, so it's nice of joining the staff team and contribute much.

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