Staff Application For Helper.


Discord Manager
Jul 26, 2019
South Africa
Minecraft Username:

-I'm 17 years old

What languages do you speak or understand?

-I mostly Speak English and Afrikaans but i can understand Dutch a little bit.

How long have you played Minecraft?

-I Have been playing Minecraft since 2014 till 2016 then i stopped but i started playing again..
-I started playing at beginning of 2019 again.

How long have you played on ZatoxPvp?

-I have been playing on ZatoxPvP Since back in 2014,till up to it closed down.
-I started playing on ZatoxPvP When i heard the server was back up 2 months ago and i'm glad its back up.

Why do you want to be server staff?

-The First Reason is that there isn't really a lot of staff online during the day and that's where i can focus my time on.
-The Second Reason is That I believe..No I know I can help the community Grow into a bigger and successful one.
-I also know i'm a truthful person who will report anything or any problems immediately without any hesitation or i'll fix the problem my self and then report it to the Staff to tell them there was a -problem and i fixed it..
-I want the server to become the one we love and where the community is friendly.

Do you have any experience with server moderation or administration?
-I used to run a Minecraft server but it was really unsuccessful due to money problems.
-There was a time i was staff member on a server called FrankyB but after time being i resigned due there being no members play on it..


Do you have Discord?

-Yes i do have Discord i'm Frequently on it.
-I'm the Discord Manager on the Discord.

Discord username?
-[MaZe] JustinYT#7808

Anything else you would like to tell us?

-I would like the bring the server back to the Server we use to love and Enjoy and bring a lot of more players to the community..
-I would like to suggest adding a Prison right after SkyBlock because i know more people would enjoy that.


Thanks For reading my Applications.
If you want to ask me any questions or just wanna have a Fun Chat you can find me on Steam or Forums and mostly on Discord